An ERP solution is an integrated management software package (PGI/Entreprise Ressource Planner). This software allows your company to centralize data and accelerates the processing and distribution of data.

Microsoft Dynamics  365 Business Central (NAV) is a management solution (ERP/PGI) that offers comprehensive business management functionalities for SMEs/SMIs and thus enables high levels of performance to be achieved:
– Cost limits and compliance control providing full visibility of your resources and cash flow.
– Relevant data and recommendations regarding the best strategy to implement for tomorrow.
– Refined production and delivery schedules, reduced inventory costs resulting in better growth
– Controlling projects and processes and obtaining on time all the necessary elements for optimal customer satisfaction at each stage of the experience.
– Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) covers the different areas of the company (commerce and marketing, purchasing and production, logistics and distribution, project and customer services, finance, etc.)