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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) Quick to implement and easy to use, already chosen by more than 120,000 organizations worldwide to manage their accounts and their finances, their supply chain and their operations. It is part of a complete solution from Microsoft that helps businesses work and grow efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) optimize the smooth running of critical business functions and enables them to adapt to each new functional need. This ERP helps you improve your functional coverage and homogenize or structure your overall operation.

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Our solutions offer

Relevant and customizable functional coverage

Your ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Nav) included by default modules managing trade and marketing, purchasing, production, logistics and distribution, projects and services, and finance. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT agrees with you to paste the ERP, thanks to the setting available for your needs and your internal procedures.

An efficient and sustainable service for a long-term investment

The solution is maintained with a historical editor, updates are available for customers (active contracts). Major releases are part of these updates. Each client has access to the extranet Microsoft “Customer Source” to access news and updates available.

Rapid implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Nav) is simple in its use, setup and commissioning which will reduce the time of implementation compared to other integrated solutions. This speed is combined with the responsiveness, listening and quality that BUSINESS MANAGEMENT is committed to provide.

A custom user interface for intuitive and immediate grip

Find a familiar, ergonomic interface that meets the standard Microsoft.  365 Business Central (Nav) offers a trade-oriented home screen that summarizes for each user according to his role in the company, tasks and essential information.

Compatibility with Microsoft solutions

A native interoperability with all Microsoft Excel and above solutions, the essential spreadsheet.  365 Business Central (Nav) also generates editions in PDF format directly without intermediaries’ tool.

A response to the multi-company issues

The  365 Business Central (Navision) licenses are multi default company, a database can contain multiple companies. The same design  365 Business Central (Navision) enables easier management tasks and reduce intercompany double entries.

Administer Customer Relationship

365 Business Central (Nav) incorporates a management module of the customer relationship CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This part helps you to manage your prospecting efforts and to track marketing campaigns and actions while integration with sales of modules.

Functional management accounting and finance

365 Business Central (Nav) natively includes analytical features that enable you to implement customizable followed to quantify / Qualifier steps that will allow you to optimize your process terms, to control your costs, increase margins. These features we cite, analytical axes unlimited, budget management with performance monitoring. Also enjoy integrated motor general ledger, third and asset management.

Traceability requirements

365 Business Central (Nav) treats standard issues related to the administrative tracking of transactions which enables a tracking and tracing in the data. Furthermore, stock levels, Nav allows to manage the traceability of goods using the No. of lots and / or ID series.

Effective administration of the distribution and storage